We can work with you on your accounting utilizing any method/software you request. We have, however, developed what we feel is a superior accounting system that we recommend to all clients.


Our advanced proprietary accounting process allows us to electronically and remotely prepare your accounting records without requiring you to be involved in the process at all! This gives your company the ability to have a CPA handle all of your accounting from start to finish… a luxury only very large organizations are afforded with. We are your CFO so you can focus on being the CEO!

Although you still need someone to pay your bills and make deposits, typically this is the business owner and/or the office manager. We do everything else. We are your outsourced accounting department, which encompasses a bookkeeper, controller, CFO, and financial consultant.

This may sound very expensive, but it’s not! We realize cost-saving efficiencies in preparing your tax returns because we prepare the accounting information. As a result, there are very few accounting adjustments needed. We pass these savings to you in the form of one low comprehensive fee. You don’t need Quick-books or other accounting software. This can be a great upfront savings for any new business.

Our model allows for proper separation of duties and helps to deter fraud in your organization. The person accounting for transactions is NOT the person initiating transactions (e.g., paying the bills and making the deposits). This internal control makes it much harder for individuals to misappropriate assets from the organization and conceal the fraud by manipulating accounting records.

Our outsourced accounting department integrates with our payroll, tax and wealth management divisions. There are many benefits of integrating these services. For example, if something goes wrong, you won’t have 4 different vendors pointing the blame at one another. We take full responsibility since we do everything.

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  1. Full service Bookkeeping/Write-up: i.e. turning your financial data into a profit and loss statement and balance sheet for purposes of review with management and income tax return preparation.
  2. Annual discussion with management in regards to the financial results of the company.
  3. Timely filing of tax returns for the business entity (both federal and state).
  4. Timely filing of personal tax returns for the business owner(s).
  5. Assistance with estimated tax payment calculations for the business and owner(s).
  6. Phone consultations/consulting.
  7. Issuance of 1099’s.
  8. Filing of annual use tax returns.
  9. Filing of annual reports with state.
  10. Analysis and implementation of retirement plan(s).
  11. Assistance with completion of annual worker’s compensation audits.
  12. Analysis and implementation of outsourced accounting department/software.
  13. Payroll processing/direct deposits/quarterly payroll tax forms/remittance.
  14. Consulting related to management of corporate profit vs. owner salary.
  15. Consulting related to structure of rent paid by entity to common ownership real estate entities.


  1. Time savings: Since we do everything, you and your staff have more time to focus on the business and less time worrying about bookkeeping and tax filings.
  2. Cost savings: In most cases, we find our service to be more cost effective than the customary in house bookkeeper and external CPA combination.
  3. Timely: We will do your bookkeeping throughout the year. This allows us to quickly complete the tax returns at the end of the year. It also helps us to tackle any financial issues that may come up during the year and answer questions like: How are we doing so far?
  4. Better Service: We are aware of the full financial picture. We know the tax, payroll, accounting and retirement plan pieces. This puts us in a much better position to implement or recommend any changes to mitigate taxes or expenses.
  5. Cash Flow: You know exactly what your accounting cost will be since our clients pay a quarterly fee that is typically fixed. We find this is much more palatable from a cash flow perspective than having to come up with a whole years’ worth of bookkeeping and tax preparation fees all at once.

Contact us today to discuss how our outsourced accounting department can improve your company and your bottom line.